Professional Carrier Damage Claim & Recovery Services

Are You Leaving Money On The Table By Not Utilizing a Centralized Freight Claims Solution ?

Are your freight damage and loss claims overwhelm you? Does your company manage them or you let the carriers deal with the matter? Trusting Intune Logistics with your freight claims will save you time and money from the very beginning! 

We have the industry knowledge to provide professional freight claim services. We tackled some of the most complicated and difficult cases in the past. 

Benefits of Managing Freight Claim Solutions with Intune Logistics

  • Process all cargo claims from beginning to end
  • Higher Recovery Rate and quicker recovery times
  • Visibility to claims information across the enterprise
  • Transparent communication throughout the entire claim process
  • Free up time for employees to focus on core expertise
  • Reduction in Loss and Damages by utilizing the information and improving processes
  • Proactively educating customers, shippers and carriers

Types of Freight Claims

Types of cargo claims :


This is one of the most common freight claims around the world. You can file a claim if your package arrives damaged upon the delivery. The damage must be visible and you must document proof of it. 


Another popular freight claim. It occurs when a package is lost, shipped but never delivered. You can file the claim if you have proof that the freight was picked up but not delivered. 


A shortage occurs when you don’t receive all the products you were expecting. Products could have fallen out of a box or pieces have gone missing. It’s crucial when you receive the shipped cargo to verify all the pieces received and ordered upon the delivery receipt given at the delivery. 

Carrier Damage Claim & Recovery in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Send claim documents to

If you’re dealing with some of the freight claims listed above or you have any other specific case, reach out and send us all claim documents, receipts to

Step 2: Claim Number is assigned

Once we get familiarised with the case, we’ll assign you a claim number and will begin the freight claim process. 

Step 3: Intune Files Claim and follow up until completed.

Trust Intune Logistics to take care of your claim. We’ll start working on the freight claim and keep you informed and educated during each step of the way. 


Are you worried about a freight claim case?