Intune Logistics provides accurate and fast freight audit services, small package recovery all with state-of-art technology.

Our core service is the transactional processing of the various freight bills formats that are received from the client’s carriers. Most additional and administrative services are provided at no additional charge.

Freight Audit Service
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Intune Logistics provides domestic and international freight pre-audit services for all modes of transportation.  This includes data capture, validation, accounting, auditing and approvals. Freight payment can be made by the client or Intune Logistics:

Client Pays Carriers:
• Intune provides client with a custom AP file weekly for posting in ERP system
• Client provides Intune with remittance file for posting to portals
• Client issues payments
• Requires AP/IT resources for initial setup
• No Monthly payment processing fee

 Intune Pays Carriers:

• Client Funds Intune weekly for payments due

• Carrier Support Team, We handle communication so you don’t have to.

• Online Carrier portal

• Private accounts and visibility
• Intune issues ACH & checks payments
• Insurance protection
• Requires no AP/IT resources
• Monthly payment processing fee


Small package audit, recovery & optimization is a specialized service due to the intricacies of the invoicing and audit of UPS, FedEx and DHL. This service includes audit, recovery and reporting. Many companies simply pay small package invoices at a summary level and miss out on the savings and benefits of detailed audit and reporting.  Small package audit can be utilized as a stand alone service or integrated with freight payment and audit for other modes of transportation.

  •  Insufficient Carrier’s Recording

Small package audit problems are hard to discover because many carriers do not document all the information needed to accurately audit and recover money from service and rate audits.

With a technology focused approach, Intune Logistics designed its system to be highly sensitive to small package problems and to identify them  quickly and accurately.

  •  High Volume of Freight Bills​

Even if the carriers can record the information correctly, it is extremely time-and-labor-consuming to manually check hundreds or thousands of shipments one by one, not to mention the inevitable errors caused by carelessness and time pressures.

The Intune Logistics client portal is designed to be smart and easy to identify small package audit problems with just several clicks.

  •  Complexity of Freight Audit

With over 10 years of experience in discovering and understanding the ins and outs of small package processing, Intune Logistics provides the extended processing systems to handle all of the scenarios of small package processing in order to maximize the savings and information available to our clients.

Intune Logistics can ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of processing freight invoices as our services include audits for freight rates, discounts, misapplied accessorial charges and prevention of possible duplication of payments.

No matter the size of your company or how much you spend on freight, if you are making small package shipments, Intune can save you money and time with our comprehensive small package audit & recovery service. 


  • Freight

  • Fuel

  • Accessorials

  • Not Client’s Shipment to Pay

  • Duplicate Billings / Double Charges

  • Hundredweight / Multiweight

  • Revenue Threshold

  • Commercial / Residential Fees

  • Charges for Unavailable Service

  • Extreme Dimensions

  • Manifested Not Shipped

  • No Proof Of Delivery

  • Service Level Guarantees

  • Invalid / Inactive Account

  • Saturday Pickup / Delivery

Business Intelligence


Intune builds an OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cube with the clients historical data and provides a tool for them to work with it.
This business intelligence tool gives the user an interactive summary view of their data without requiring them to download all of the transactional data. It provides them with key dimensions and measures as well as a means to quickly access high level information and identify trends.


Intune can utilize historical freight bill data and current pricing information to perform ‘What if’ scenarios to assist the client with logistic decisions.  Common requests include analyzing if it makes sense to switch carriers or to move a distribution center. Typically, impact studies utilize a year or more of historical data.

Bench Marketing


Are you losing money by not centralizing freight claims?

Benefits of managed freight claims solutions:

• Higher recovery rate & quicker turnaround

• Visibility to claims information across the organization

• Free up time for employees to focus on core expertise


Types of freight claims:

• Damage: When freight received has visible damage.

• Loss: When freight is shipped but never delivered.

• Shortage: When all products shipped are not received.


We have proven expertise in negotiating shipping agreements and in-depth knowledge of carrier’s complex pricing models to help you make informed decisions for your shipping patterns.  We specialize in anlayzing bids and apply those to your actual shipping patterns to determine the best price and service.   We leverage our knowledge of the industry and pricing trends for similar sized shippers.

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