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Automated Freight Audit

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Our Automated Freight & Parcel Audit saves time, money, & improves control. 

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Intune Logistics provides domestic and international freight pre-audit services for all modes of transportation.  This includes data capture, validation, accounting, auditing and approvals. Freight payment can be made by the client or Intune Logistics:

Client Pays Carriers:
• Intune provides client with a custom AP file weekly for posting in ERP system
• Client provides Intune with remittance file for posting to portals
• Client issues payments
• Requires AP/IT resources for initial setup
• No Monthly payment processing fee


 Intune Pays Carriers:
• Client Funds Intune weekly for payments due
• Private accounts and visibility
• Intune issues ACH & checks payments
• Insurance protection
• Requires no AP/IT resources
• Monthly payment processing fee