Professional Contact Negotiation Consulting Service

Freight And Small Package Shipping Contract Negotiation

Intune Logistics have proven expertise in negotiating shipping agreements and in-depth knowledge of the carrier’s complex pricing models to help you make informed decisions for your shipping patterns. The most cost-effective freight solution for your business is to negotiate your current contract with the shipping companies to be able to lower rates. 

 We specialize in analyzing proposals and apply those to your actual shipping patterns to determine the best price for your service.  We leverage our knowledge of the industry and pricing trends for similar-sized shippers.

As most of the businesses do, carriers try to sell shipping contracts that maximise their profit. They consist of numerous variables that can influence the overall shipment cost – things such as carrier tariffs, size and weight of the packages, toll services all play a role when forming the final price.

Intune Logistics’ team of contract negotiation experts will work hard to assure your contract agreements satisfy both you and your carrier.

Benefits of Our Contract Negotiation Services

Our contract negotiation service comes with numerous benefits: 

  • A comprehensive review

We gather customer shipping data and develop a shipping profile for you. 

Our professionals will conduct a comprehensive review of all documents and terms and conditions to ensure that the carrier’s proposal contains all applicable criteria. We’ll review all terms that involve pricing, conditions, and freight claims. 

  • Expert analysis of freight shipping contracts

We spent time evaluating and reviewing each custom proposed contract. We evaluate the terms and propose resolutions to any disagreement between you and the carrier company that might come. We make a comparison to similar contracts in the industry and offer the best solution for lowering your shipping costs! 

  • Develop a shipment negotiation strategy

We listen to your goals and develop a custom shipment strategy specially made for you and your business. 

  • Implementation and monitoring

Our involvement doesn’t end the minute you sign the contract. We monitor the carrier’s performance and contract compliance to ensure that both you and your transport company stay compliant. 

Trust Intune Logistics for guaranteed and cost-saving contract negotiation and consulting service. We have the skills and know-how to increase your operational efficiencies and reduce your shipping costs!