Cut Costs with Automated Freight Audit

Technology to help our clients manage spend & avoid costs

save time, money & improve control

Our freight audit technology cuts costs and saves time.

Flexible, customizable solutions supported by industry experts improves control.

Start saving with our service offerings below:

Freight Auditing / Payment

Domestic, International, All Modes
Processing costs reduced to pennies

Small Package Audit

Are you auditing invoices “line by line”?
Automated audits typically save 3%-5%

Business Intelligence (BI)

Fast customizable views
Quickly identify trends and solutions


How do you compare to similar shippers?
Cost to switch carriers or move a DC?

Contract Negotiation

Expertise in negotiating carrier agreements
Specialists in handling complex pricing models

Freight Claims

Losing money by not filing claims?
We specialize in loss, damage & errors

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