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Cut Costs with Automated Freight Audit

Our Automated Freight Audit & Payment saves time, money, & improves control. 

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Intune Logistics provides domestic and international freight pre-audit services for all modes of transportation.  This includes data capture, validation, accounting, auditing and approvals. Freight payment can be made by the client or Intune Logistics:

Client Pays Carriers:
• Intune provides client with a custom AP file weekly for posting in ERP system
• Client provides Intune with remittance file for posting to portals
• Client issues payments
• Requires AP/IT resources for initial setup
• No Monthly payment processing fee

 Intune Pays Carriers:

• Client Funds Intune weekly for payments due

• Carrier Support Team, We handle communication so you don’t have to.

• Online Carrier portal

• Private accounts and visibility
• Intune issues ACH & checks payments
• Insurance protection
• Requires no AP/IT resources
• Monthly payment processing fee

How it works:

Freight Audits in 3 Easy Steps

Intune Logistics streamlines the entire freight billing process for carriers, shipment companies and customers.

  • Intune Logistics receives invoices for the shipped or received goods. Our smart platform automatically rates and validates the received data, audit the pricing and allocates the general ledger;
  • The costs are compared against our data for business rates and calculates standard shipment costs, fuel charges, exchange charges and comes up with the final costs
  • We’ll submit extra carrier costs for approval and if cleared. We’ll pay off your fundings. 

Professional Freight Auditing
& Optimization Services


Why Choose Intune Logistics

Intune Logistics provides a Freight audit & Payment, which is specifically designed to tackle errors on your small parcel invoices. The service includes UPS, FedEx, and DHL invoices auditing, recovery, and reporting. 

Numerous companies, who are dealing with small package invoices are missing out on the savings and benefits of detailed audit and optimization service. The problem is that most of the errors are hard to find, and even if you do find them, claiming a file to get back the money you’re owed is even harder. 

You can trust Intune Logistics to tackle the small package optimization and save you money. The packaging optimization service is specifically created to reduce unnecessary shipping costs, and it can be integrated with freight payment and audit for other modes of transportation.

What is a Freight Audit?

Companies that ship large volumes of freight are highly likely to encounter billing errors. Many of these slide by unknown to the company. In fact, companies lose billions of dollars collectively in freight billing errors.

Having a freight audit and payment team is essential to keeping your company running profitably. The job of the freight audit team is to monitor all shipping invoices and ensure the best deal is at hand. Also ensuring no billing errors happen, such as an increased charge in freight.

The exact definition is as follows:

By definition, an audit is, An examination of records or financial accounts to check their accuracy. An adjustment or correction of accounts. An examined and verified account. A freight audit vendor is therefore one who examines, adjusts and verifies freight bills for accuracy.

Freight Audit Benefits

Intune Logistics provides reliable and secure freight audit services, small package recovery all with state-of-art technology. Our audit logistics solution is tailored to fit your requirements. The freight audit service comes with numerous benefits for you and your company.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Intune Logistics will start the process by getting to know your company and your logistics. We’ll identify errors in your shipment invoices and will help you get your money back. Then, we’ll offer you a custom audit solution for your needs.

Reduced Administrative Costs

Shipment auditing is a time-consuming process that requires expertise and administration. The freight audit solution we provide captures and validates the invoices data and helps you reduce your costs.

Latest Technology for Reporting and Analytics

Intune Logistics uses the latest technology to conduct its freight audit and cost avoidance solutions. Our systems can handle a large volume of data, analyze it and provide you with the best solution. You can receive insights and recommendations for your business operations.

Exceptional Customer Support

At Intune Logistics, we pride ourselves with excellent customer support whose primary goal is to serve every client’s specific needs and provide the best solution. Our customer support specialists are at your disposal Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (EST) to both clients and carriers.



Intune Logistics provides domestic and international freight pre-audit services for all modes of transportation.  This includes data capture, validation, accounting, auditing and approvals. Freight / Parcel payment can be made by the client or Intune Logistics:

What Are The Benefits of Auditing Small Packages

Intune Logistics can ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of processing freight invoices as our services include audits for freight rates, discounts, misapplied accessorial charges and prevention of possible duplication of payments.

No matter the size of your company or how much you spend on freight, if you are making small package shipments, Intune can save you money and time with our comprehensive small parcel audit & recovery service.

We’ll conduct onsite packaging audits to help optimize your packaging process from manufacturing and packing to your customer. Our experienced team of lean manufacturing, quality, and design experts will review your package designs and process from receiving your packaging to packaging your products and then shipping your products to the final destination.

How We Do Small Parcel Audit and Optimization

Practically every shipping invoice contains different errors. These may be changes in the toll services, duplicate charges, shipping charges, invalid accounts, accessorial charges, Saturday deliveries, charges for unavailable service, commercial fees, and many more. Courier errors can be challenging to recognise and require a tedious restoration process.

Our system receives all invoices from the carrier regarding the shipment expenses. The platform analyzes and validates the received data.  Any irregularities in the delivery process are brought to the attention of the business owner. 

The costs are compared against our business data and the standard shipping costs are calculated. Any extra carriage costs will be submitted for approval and if cleared. We’ll pay off your fundings. 

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